Waiting at the dark end of a fake Rainbow, Bruno Dorella and Stefania Pedretti, also known as OvO, begin their latest album with an almost ethereal lightness more… “OvO”

The Bronx

Glasgow Garage

Nobody walks away from a gig by The Bronx. You might sort of shamble off out of exhaustion, sore-limbed elation or maybe just slightly broken with a stupid grin on your face. more… “The Bronx”

The Dough Rollers

Glasgow O2 Academy

Trapped in a bubble of bad sound, the feedback roars above the crowd at the very start, thus making The Dough Rollers’ first time in Glasgow just ever so slightly awkward. more… “The Dough Rollers”

The Phantom Band

Glasgow Classic Grand

With some bands, it’s easy to rattle off 1000 words, anchored by the many and mostly misused terms for the word ‘greatness’. Whether they’re any good or not, who knows because sometimes reviews don’t give much away other than a simple sentiment minus an explanation more… “The Phantom Band”


Glasgow Stereo

The last time I caught DeSalvo it was at Mono for their ‘Mood Poisoner’ album launch. That night, it was business as usual more… “DeSalvo”