Baby Bird

Glasgow King Tut's

Cast your minds back to 1996, pop pickers, the year of Football’s Coming Home, Chris Evans’ gurning face on TFI Fridays and a number 3 hit for a former hospital porter from Yorkshire who had already released a batch of lo-fi recordings. more… “Baby Bird”

Charlotte Gainsbourg


It’s a good record this – I liked the single (‘Heaven Can Wait’) and Gainsbourg, along with co-writer/producer Beck, expands on the sound on the album. Gainsbourg, possibly a bit grumpy after being violated by everyone’s favourite maverick film maker Lars Von Trier – thanks a bunch Lars – warbles in a very interesting way in the French and the British. It’s a bit plinky-plonky in places but sounds very real and organic (not orgasmic, that’s the other Gainsbourg you perverts). Will lay off any quips about Scientology but it’s not really a religion, is it Mr Becks?
Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM (Deluxe Version)

Pet Shop Boys

Glasgow SECC

It’s a good few years since the Pet Shop Boys have played Glasgow (early 90s even I think), although they did get quite close with what I hear was a pretty awesome show in a tent at TITP ’09 (or was it ’08?) more… “Pet Shop Boys”