Glasgow King Tut's

This is as interesting as a freezing Glasgow Tuesday night in January can be, and some unexpected revelations as well… more… “Babybird”

er… Leon Jackson

Glasgow King Tut's bar

Before we go any further with Stephen Jones AKA BabyBird can Betty just relate the surreal experience which was her last visit to this venue. A group of us had come over to KTWWH the previous Saturday after another gig, thinking it would be quiet as by this time everyone would be upstairs watching whoever was on. more… “er… Leon Jackson”

The Big Dish

Celtic Conections @ Glasgow ABC1

If it is January it must be CC time, when beards and jumpers (and even some stilettos) flock to Glasgae… more… “The Big Dish”


Glasgow The Arches

It’s a cold and wet evening in January, the post Xmas blues kicking in, penury before the next pay packet (if you’re lucky to have one) and widespread gloom, national suicide day just around the corner more… “M83”