Kathryn Williams

The Quickening

In these days of production line pop pixies and even folk-ish acts like Mumford and Sons packing out venues, has the time finally come for one of British folks brightest talents? more… “Kathryn Williams”

Baby Bird

Glasgow King Tut's

Cast your minds back to 1996, pop pickers, the year of Football’s Coming Home, Chris Evans’ gurning face on TFI Fridays and a number 3 hit for a former hospital porter from Yorkshire who had already released a batch of lo-fi recordings. more… “Baby Bird”

Charlotte Gainsbourg


It’s a good record this – I liked the single (‘Heaven Can Wait’) and Gainsbourg, along with co-writer/producer Beck, expands on the sound on the album. Gainsbourg, possibly a bit grumpy after being violated by everyone’s favourite maverick film maker Lars Von Trier – thanks a bunch Lars – warbles in a very interesting way in the French and the British. It’s a bit plinky-plonky in places but sounds very real and organic (not orgasmic, that’s the other Gainsbourg you perverts). Will lay off any quips about Scientology but it’s not really a religion, is it Mr Becks?
Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM (Deluxe Version)

Pet Shop Boys

Glasgow SECC

It’s a good few years since the Pet Shop Boys have played Glasgow (early 90s even I think), although they did get quite close with what I hear was a pretty awesome show in a tent at TITP ’09 (or was it ’08?) more… “Pet Shop Boys”