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Cathal Coughlan

By • Mar 22nd, 2021 • Category: Album review

Do yourself a favour and get this in your ears.  An ingenious collection of songs.  Inventive and intense.  That should be enough, right?  Okay then…  There’s been a great deal made in the run-up to this albums arrival about it being Cathal Coughlan’s first in a decade.  It’s not like he’s spent that time twiddling […]

Cathal Coughlan

By • Feb 10th, 2021 • Category: Single review

Another month, another single from Cathal Coughlan’s much anticipated (ok, in certain quarters) first album in a decade. Hot on the heels of poptastic title track Song of Co-Aklan, comes ‘Owl In The Parlour’. The song is a swaggering cabaret number. Underpinned by a satisfyingly noisy rumbling groove. Old phone-book tonsils (ask your folks) is […]

Big Joanie

By • Oct 1st, 2018 • Category: Single review

Over the last five or so years, Big Joanie have established themselves as one of the most vital bands in London. All that hard work setting them in good stead. They currently are the credible tour-support of choice for cool Americans and legendary punks. To which, it was upon seeing them opened for The Ex […]

Mishka Shubaly

By • Jun 10th, 2018 • Category: Album review

You know those nights.  You’ve ended up in some allegedly (they never are) illicit drinking den.

The Phantom Band

By • Aug 28th, 2010 • Category: Gig review, gig reviews (Scottish)

Another year, another Edinburgh Festival, another Edge festival. Last year we were confounded by the selection of the Electric Circus as a sub for the Liquid Rooms. Thankfully this year, ‘Rooms’ is open again. Never again will we have to experience The Phantom Band squeezed onto a postage stamp stage and singing through a rolled […]