Dundee, Conroy’s Basement

It seemed a low-key return to gigging, playing two nights in a small basement venue in their home city but after the sad passing of their manager more… “Vladimir”


Courage Reels

I will lay my cards straight down on the table, no bluffing, but I’m a fan of Wozniak. more… “Wozniak”

Jeffrey Lewis

Art for art's sake

Jeffrey Lewis’s biography describes him as leading a double (or even triple) life as a both a comic book writer and artist as well as a musician and performer more… “Jeffrey Lewis”



In my mind there are two kinds of people who play music, who create art. There are those who are compelled to do it, who feel the overwhelming urge to create something, to make a statement. more… “Stoor”

The June Brides

The Stories Continue...

The June Brides initially existed for such a very short period between 1983 and 1986 but achieved a great deal in that initial burst of activity. more… “The June Brides”