Album review

Aspen Woods

Parts of this album sound like Spiritualized. Unfortunately, not the good Spiritualized of ‘Ladies and Gentleman We Are Floating In Space’, but the rubbish touring Spiritualized consisting of Jason Pierce and a number of session musicians creating 20 minute ‘jams’ of unbelievable dullness. As if to anticipate this, Aspen Woods have included a track called ‘Drones’ which aptly sums up the 10 tracks on this release. Apparently the album includes tracks about the “ritual slaughter of Princess Diana” (‘Passing of a Moon Goddess’), and “the unbreakable mother and son bond” (‘The Witch’s Son’). However as the vocals are hidden low in the mix, I can’t confirm that this is correct as they are indecipherable, and the band could be singing their shopping list. There are a few interesting ideas going on here, however, much of the album sounds the same, and they would benefit from keeping the songs shorter, as they begin to lack direction after a couple of minutes.