Single review

Ashley Lauren

Ashley Lauren is rising to the top of pop with her new single ‘Alive’. It is a single which delves deep into the pop history books with a sound which has a nostalgic feel while also staying contemporary with its nail-biting arrangement.

Fusing influence from Gospel into her sound, Ashley takes a route which we do not hear all too often in this space. Furthermore, her pop flavour combines with a church foundation, and the result is mighty. However, we do not hear this influence until the latter part of the track where the music takes a step back, and the vocals take the focal position entirely with a clap arrangement also becoming present.

Musically, ‘Alive’ is empowering and it has a foundation which will have you feeling inspired. Also, lyrically, Ashley takes us on an adventure, and she sings about how a special someone leaves her feeling full of life. For me, her vocal is one of the finest I have come across in recent times. Additionally, I enjoy how she sings with meaning, and I can almost reach out and touch the passion which she delivers in her vocal performance.

Overall, ‘Alive’ is a real gem, and the commitment which Ashley has put into this release is paying off ten-fold. Also, the singer is still very early in her career; therefore if this track is anything to go by, then she will be sitting at the top table of pop very soon. However, I would enjoy a little more harmonies in places, and although we do get some added flavour along the way, a bit of variation in the vocals could have worked a treat.

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