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Arthur Buck

Arthur Buck (New West)

By • May 31st, 2018 • Category: Album review

This is the sounds of two old boys turning on, tuning up and having fun.

That might make the album sound very boring (I hope it doesn’t) which is far from the case. Peter Buck and Joseph Arthur are obviously very comfortable in each others’ company. They, if the playing on here is anything to go by, know each others’ strengths very well.

The production, by both Arthur and Tchad Blake (known for his work with bands such as U2, Pearl Jam and The Black Keys) also has a very good pedigree. It’s paid off well as it has obviously given the pair someone else to hone sounds with and also to bounce ideas off, whereas otherwise, they may have disappeared up their own collective backsides. And did I mention that the guitar work is excellent?

There are some slight hints of self indulgence around the edges (you get the feeling, listening to tracks such as ‘I Am The Moment’ and ‘Before Your Love Is Gone’ that they were cooked up in the studio and may have been best left there). These, however, are entirely forgivable, next to such high quality gems as ‘The Wanderer’ and ‘Summertime’. Some tunes also, such as ‘Forever Waiting’, sound and feel a little bit lightweight in their company.

This duo aren’t afraid to show their flaws and their foibles and that makes them all the more likeable to these ears. The album, as a whole, is a very solid piece of work and a sure reminder to all else out there that craftsmanship will get you just that little bit further than sheer ideas and inspiration alone.

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