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Arch Stanton

Breaking The Curse (demo)

By • May 27th, 2008 • Category: demonstration

Arch Stanton don’t have the kind of cool sound that popular music publications like to hype and so while many of the punk/ emo bands have conformed to what is popular by turning metal, the members of Arch Stanton have continued to do what they did in their former bands; Southpaw and Dragline by playing the kind of music they like rather than what other people like. Fortunately, Arch Stanton are very good at what they do which is play a mix of melodic hardcore and hard rock. The vocals fall more to the emo side rather than the gruff punk popularised by the likes of Hot Water Music but this is made up for by the intelligent structure of the music. It may not be 2003 anymore but surely there is still room for bands like Arch Stanton in the world.

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