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Antony Harding

Lonely Boy… and other tragedies (Filthy Little Angels)

By • May 30th, 2007 • Category: Album review

In 2003, a young Norwegian poet, Elvind Kirkeby sent Antony Harding (ex-Hefner) some poems that he thought would make good songs. Antony agreed and set about writing and recording what we have here, ‘Lonely Boy and other tragedies’. Before I even put the CD in the stereo I’m pretty sure I know what this will sound like and indeed, faithful to the sound of Ant’s other solo work we get, soft, lovely, twee little songs sung with a whimsical breathy approach. ‘Girls and Love’ is a sweet little jaunt that timidly announces the author “can’t get enough of comic books” whilst ‘World’s Resume’ pulls the heartstrings in the beginning before lifting your spirits by the end with some muted instrumentation and lush dynamics. However it is ‘Seaside Sorrow’ that takes the prize for best song here, a folky lament that brings to mind Fisherman era Waterboys, and some of the more conventional moments of Momus, Harding whispers; “I was the island, you were the boat”, before recognising that “Islands are forever, boats always sink”. It’s innocent and wistful which makes it so compelling and loveable. It’s safe to say that Antony Harding will forever be a cult figure, like his old Hefner compadre, Darren Hayman, However if he can keep making little records as sweet as this then long may it continue.

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