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Anti Clone

Hands Sewn Together (Independent)

By • Sep 26th, 2014 • Category: Album review

Taking no prisoners is a strong attitude to have if you’re a heavy metal band. It’s especially promising if you are at the very beginning of your career.
A group very much in that cavalier attitude are Anti Clone. Arriving on the scene with their debut album Hands Sewn Together, the Boston band are attacking the market and nailing their colours to the mast in as aggressive a way possible.
Coming off the back of a highly tipped reputation for live performances, the band is hoping that this new work will be a landmark moment in their careers. Comprised of two sets of brothers and a drummers and a bassist, isn’t it always the case, lineup changes in the early goings of the group have been put behind them. And that solidity is apparent in the glossily produced debut.
Opening the album, ‘Take This Pill’ sets the bar high. A brooding monster of a modern metal track, it’s hard to believe that this is a debut piece of work. Accomplished riff mastery and a gut-punching force of drum and bass, it’s topped off by Peter Moore’s vocals. One half of the Moore contingent of Anti Clone, his passion oozes through the mic and into the ear like warm honey. Or should that be hydrochloric acid, this is metal after all.
That same rhetoric continues into ‘Here Comes the Flood’ while ‘1984’, the lead single of the work is by far the highlight. Bordering on a slightly softer side, the track offers the listener a chance to enjoy every individual aspect of the group. From the lyrics to the vocals, bass line to main riffs and hooks, it’s all on show.
Under the guidance of long time metal producer Matt Hyde, it’s easy to see why ‘1984’ is the shop front. Not to detract from the rest of the album of course, there’s plenty there in variance for any heavy metal maniac to enjoy.
With a strong work ethic and growing reputation throughout the UK for their stage presence and personality, Anti Clone is on the up. Noisy and in your face, it’s exactly how metal should be.

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