Single review

Annie Booth

This new single from Annie Booth is further evidence that not only is she an excellent songwriter but she is also not afraid to lay her voice and soul bare.

The track starts with a simple guitar riff played on an acoustic while the lyrics mention “looking forward to being alone”…and “doing some housekeeping”. Not exactly rock and roll but then sometimes life just isn’t.

And the chorus is just a heartfelt statement – “This is all I have to give to you”.

As we go through the next verse and into the chorus again there is a very slow and subtle buildup of background noise, possibly keyboard first and then definitely fuzz guitar, just enough to add a wee bit of extra dimension and sound depth, enough to make a very good song into a great song – a difficult thing to do but on this occasion it has been done!

This is the first tune to come from a new EP from Annie, ‘Spectral’, and on the strength of this track it should be well worth hearing.