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Annie Booth

Still (Scottish Fiction)

By • Jun 30th, 2019 • Category: Single review

Annie Booth is one of Scotland’s best songwriters, and let us dispense with all this “emerging”, she has emerged and passed the “ones to watch” shit as well… she is actually here, and she is really good.

This track sees her on piano rather than guitar and it is wonderful, melding old and new tropes, from the Beatles to Joni Mitchell. Thoughtful musings on happiness (“why does it seem like a trick of the light?”) while the notes on the piano flow evenly like a wee stream. There is a theme of emotional loss, quite heavy actually… The double tracked vocal harmonies are quite beautiful and affecting as more instrumentation comes in, other keyboards and effects. The song ends in series of wordless backing vocals and then a jarring piano semitone note.

The remixes are very interesting indeed. The wonderful L-Space transmogrify the track into a more electronic beast, although still gentle. They add a sparse drumbeats, give more echo to the vocal and the piano part is now a trickly guitar figure. Electronic percussion also intervenes and there is a quite dubby section in the middle – what a great remix!

The Redolent remix deconstructs the song still further, giving dubsteppish backing and some real squelchy belches of synth. This is another great effort and the song is almost unrecognisable, except it is not…

Oran Juso go for a full-on dance remix, complete with housey keyboards and juddering percussion… an absolute banger, as they apparently still say in these circles… Again the main “trick of the light” refrain is still there but not much else.

With a song like this, and friends like these, Annie Booth is onto a real winner.

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