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Anna Meredith

Calion (Moshi Moshi)

By • Apr 4th, 2018 • Category: short players

Aha, new material from Meredith, at last! After the unique and surprising ‘Varmints’ we are gagging for it…

This single is quite understated, electronic, and groovy, building up through synth arpeggios and sliding screeds of shifting notes until a beat comes in, quite high bpm actually…

It’s a bit trancey, instrumental, slightly trip-hop but then further keyboard chords start to meddle with the main theme. AM’s expertise in orchestration and arrangement is very evident here, probably most similar to Craig Armstrong in his use of counterpoint (BM is getting a bit technical here and doesn’t really know the half of it!). Anyway, it is a very welcome return and hopefully more new material very soon.

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