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Anna Meredith

Paramour (Moshi Moshi / Black Prince Fury)

By • Aug 8th, 2019 • Category: Single review

Oh good god, she has done it again! BM was not sure if AM could equal or top the decade-defining ‘Varmints’ (mean that quite sincerely, still listening to it most weeks) but this new track is an indication that there is a lot more of this to come.

Almost five minutes of pure madness, it twitters and chitters its way first of all, before exploding in a chaos of pounding beats (still reminds BM of rave-era New Order) and ridiculous guitar riffs and heavy synth shades – this music is sublime, compelling and bursts genres wide open.

There is no singing but no matter – there has been some pretty strong competition, but this is probably the best thing BM has heard all year.

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