Single review

Anna B Savage

With her heart open and her cards on the table, Anna B Savage returns with her vulnerable yet powerful new single ‘A Common Tern’.

The track is taken from the Londoner’s long-anticipated debut album of the same name, set to be released on the 29th of January, 2021.

Savage has so far released an EP and a handful of singles, all of which have been met with high appraisal, and she has proven with this new track that consistency is her superpower.

The song serves as a window into the mind of Savage. Within the track, she lays the toxicity of a past relationship naked, documenting the long- awaited realisation of needing to walk away.

The track opens coolly with some jazz-style, rhythmic drums, accompanied alongside a dulcet, soft guitar, infecting the track with atmosphere at once. The instrumentation is immaculately arranged, with each section complimenting the other, and what is produced is both dreamlike and seductive.

As the verses trip into the chorus, the track celestially prevails. The chorus becomes an explosion, exuding an energy and rage that seems as though it has been repressed in the deepest compartments of Savage’s mind.

The track is abundantly raw, personal and bare in both substance and content, as well as in deliverance. Savage’s voice is as triumphant as it is stirring and, with it, she is able to place emotion and depth within every crack of the track. It absorbs you in, one line at a time.

Anna B Savage has created a track that is eloquent and passionate in both its lyricism and instrumentation, as well as its vocalisation. She unreservedly tells a story with this track, selling her past experiences in exchange for creative fuel, and we are ever so grateful.