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Andrew Wilson & Lovers Turn to Monsters

‘Everything We Miss’ is a collaborative project between two young Scottish songwriters, Andrew Pearson and Kyle Wood (who usually records and plays under the name ‘Lovers Turn to Monsters’). Pearson and Wood have written and performed four songs each with the track listing alternating between the two. It’s an interesting set-up and while the two basically stick to performing their own material the album does have a very collaborative feel. Perhaps the reason for this is that each songwriters’ style compliments the other so well it seems to give the album a strong, over-arching coherence. You get the sense that both are very much cut from the same cloth in terms of their approach to music, with their shared DIY ethics and love of lo-fi production.

The album opens with a song from Wood, which bears the almost comically overwrought title, ‘My Dad doesn’t really like my interests, I can only imagine what he’d think of you.’ It’s a great song though, and a fine example of the kind of earnest, stripped-down emo Wood specialises in. Next up is Pearson’s jaunty ditty ‘Another Dawn’ which is closer to the twee end of the spectrum, the Belle and Sebastian to Wood’s Bright Eyes.

While neither is a stranger to producing their own music, production is handled by Chris Marr, who has done a fine job of letting the songs breathe yet also keeping the intimacy of a demo recording.

‘Record Collection’ from Wood is definitely a highlight, and the most raucous tune on an otherwise sensitive album, with Wood proclaiming “Put all my shit in a box when I’m through / Put me into a box too”. Pearson’s finest contribution is probably the closing song ‘You’ll Be The Death Of Me’ which has a haunting yet oddly sanguine quality.

‘Everything We Miss’ is an understated triumph of two young talents coming together to produce an album that is sure to win over anyone with a soft spot for lovingly-crafted lo-fi songs.

More at Common Records / Lovers Turn to Monsters, or listen and download below.