Single review

Andrew Weatherall

You have to ask yourself, as I did, would this music sound as sad, even outwith such circumstances? This is music that takes you on a real journey and says it knows how you feel.

The set is punctuated by beats that sometimes dominate but more often, lurk in the sonic shadows. Throw in the occasional touch of ‘Song To The Siren’ by The Chemical Brothers and you’ll get a true idea of the sonic template Weatherall was working from.

It’s tempting to fantasise about Weatherall, the mad sonic professor, conducting madly in the studio, as though he somehow knew that this was going to be his last released work. That, of course, is foolishness. Very few of us know when the end is coming. Fewer of us still, even, are lucky enough to say goodbye in a way that is as sonically perfect as this.

It shows Weatherall knew where his strengths as a producer and a remixer lay – in operating a grand sonic dubscape for musicians, instruments and samples, to convene in a previously unknown musical underworld.