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Andrew Howie

The Fury And The Sound (Autoclave)

By • Mar 8th, 2015 • Category: short players

On first listen to ‘The Fury And The Sound’, you could be forgiven for thinking that the vocals have been lifted from elsewhere and have just been unceremoniously dumped over this sparse and lightly electro-tinged backing track. The juxtaposition hits you immediately but before you start to think this is an experiment that has gone wrong, it clicks into place.

The vocals of Howie and Yvonne Lyon mesh superbly and the chorus seems so instantaneous that you think it has to have hail from an earlier time. Being able to create a song that you could imagine being enjoyed during milder club nights and the more raucous of Hogmanay celebrations is no mean feat and Andrew Howie (who you may know under his Calamateur moniker) has created a fresh and pleasant single that should be of interest to anyone with an ear for folky and electronic interludes.

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