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Amanda Palmer and Jasmine Power

Mr Weinstein Will See You Now (download)

By • Dec 15th, 2018 • Category: short players

The title of this kinda speaks for itself.

This is a dark ballad from the peerless Amanda Palmer, who in BM’s opinion can do no wrong. The thundering piano and plangent duet is classic AP – “turn me over and let’s get this over with”, well what can BM say.

Naive girls and sleazy power-crazed men, the song remains the same… The instrumentation on this is great and of course puts the thought in BM that AP will sometime soon do a storming followup to 2015’s ‘Theatre Is Evil’, an album that continues to ripple and resonate through the psyche.

For the time being though this is enough – the “I’m the one writing this” implies that the victims have the last word, and have a voice. Brave and breathtaking!

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