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Alien Cormorant / Gold Mass

Opaque (download)

By • Oct 16th, 2020 • Category: Single review

The second lockdown collaboration from The Alien Cormorant aka Spare Snare / Muppet Mule member Alan Cormack is, if anything even more apt for the times – whispered vocals and sparse instrumentation make for an eerie and atmospheric evocation of life on earth at present.

Closer to Gold Mass’s own oeuvre than Cormack’s usual output, it confirms his versatility, given the shimmering soundscapes conjured up along with Cecelia Mirodoli on the similarly-themed ‘Life is On Pause‘ from earlier this year. However, the production here, combined with the half-spoken vocal from Gold Mass, makes for an even sparser, downbeat end result.

An elegant, elegiac effort, and a possible soundtrack for ‘2020: The Movie’. Don’t watch alone.

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