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Alex Winston / Fridge Magnets / Jonathan Sebastion Knight

Glasgow King Tut's (Saturday 18th June)

By • Jun 24th, 2011 • Category: Gig review

Opening what is to be a night of mixed moods is solo performer Jonathan Sebastion Knight who combines dark vocals laden with melancholy and an effect-driven guitar. With tracks such as ‘Grave’, the singer songwriter’s performance was never going to be of the cheery variety, acting in direct contrast to the headline act of the evening.

Next in line are Glasgow-based Fridge Magnets who weave through a number of high octane, synth-pop numbers. Reminiscent of a darker edged Does it Offend You, Yeah? The four piece comprise of predictable chord progressions and a vast array of expensive equipment, giving the performance a driving synth heartbeat layered intermittently by Steven Winton’s vocals.

Headline act Alex Winston waits briefly in the wings for her all girl backing-vocal duo, The Sister Wives, to assemble themselves along with the rest of the band before meekly acknowledging the audience in front of her and entering in to opening track, ‘Fire Ant’.

The artist, seemingly on the cusp of stardom performs in front of a busy yet intrigued audience of whom few are familiar with the singers material. The highlight songs of the evening are unsurprisingly the tried and trusted ‘Locomotive’ and the devastatingly catchy ‘Sister Wife’, however an array of new material does nothing to disappoint.

Winston’s sound is fundamentally pop as it should be, sticking in your mind like a red wine stain to your folks favourite carpet while distancing itself from over the top production, opting instead for bare bones instrumentation being used to their fullest.

Perhaps the only criticism of the American singer’s performance is the length of time that she is onstage for as well as the abrupt nature of the shows finale, bringing the curtain down with the recognisable ‘Choice Notes’ while denying the expectant gathering an encore.

With an array of festival appearances throughout Europe this summer including slots at Bestival, Underage and Lovebox, it is sure to be an exciting time for the Detroit-born vocalist. While a few additional numbers must be added to the singers repertoire, on tonight’s showing she has a very bright future in front of her indeed.

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