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She Drew The Gun

Resister (Skeleton Key)

By • Aug 16th, 2018 • Category: short players

Liverpool’s (or more specifically The Wirral’s) She Drew The Gun came to BM’s attention a couple of years ago with the stunning ‘Poem’ single and have been stirring things up on the live circuit, recently supporting Cabbage in Edinburgh.

This new single has a more electronic sound but the same biting social commentary that made ‘Poem’ such an essential listen. This sounds more like ‘Reflector’-era Arcade Fire (no diss, more of a compliment) and storms through a keyboard-heavy couple of verses, Louisa’s vocals combining sweetness with sarcasm (“Your mind is not your own… underdog black sheep fighters”) and encouraging collective consciousness… “Ch-ch-change only comes from below”.

It is hypnotic, a dance-worthy banger, which should set the heather alight on some of their live dates in October, sadly none in Scotland so far announced.

BM salutes this lot, pioneering pop music with opinions still has a future, brothers and sisters…

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