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Aidan Moffat and RM Hubbert

'Ghost Stories For Christmas' album launch @ Glasgow Mono (December 6, 2018)

By • Dec 23rd, 2018 • Category: Gig review

This was a great night – the advance sales of the album (sold along with the tickets, circumventing chart rules maybe) gave RM and AM an early Xmas no. 1 from the record stores chart, even if the pesky but quite charming sausage roll song (where were HMHB?) trounced it officially… anyway, we were here to here to witness the live version, in person…

There were a few issues with the fact they are doing a “BIG gig” for Celtic Connections so they could not give us the full monty – but it was still great.

Hubby’s wonderful guitar licks, combined with Moffat’s ridiculous but heartfelt middle-aged romeo from Falkirk made this gig, and BM is a long time fan…

The long-suffering Jenny Reeve put in the usual work tonight, surely woman of the fecking year in Scottish music…

Some selections from ‘Here Lies the Body’ were played, and a few Xmas songs including their peerless cover of ‘Only You’, that Yazoo 1982 classic (year from memory, so shoot BM if it is a year off or so).

Requests were being shouted and Aidan took it like a man for a rendition of ‘Ms Locum’ and this was a wonderful version. just listen to the lines…!

This was a great gig, and BM recommends anyone at all to attend the Fruitmarket gig – these guys are on middle-aged fire!

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