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Admiral Fallow

When you are on friendly terms with up-and-coming musicians who actually talk to you online from time to time, then the opportunity to interview these lovely people becomes a natural occurrence.
After meeting Joe Rattray of Admiral Fallow at last year’s Hogmanay Celebration when he joined Hog the Stage winners and opening act, Kitty the Lion, Joe was nice enough to skive off work to answer Is This Music’s quick catch up questions. Just a nice “How are you?” and “So dish the goss!” moment we suppose.

itm?: How many bands are you actually in?

Joe: I’m in as many bands who will put up with me. Recently been working with Admiral Fallow, Rachel Sermanni, Kitty the Lion and Jenna and Bethany Reid with their Shetland Bus project.

Has the tour already started yet with Admiral Fallow?

Tour starts on the 28th in Edinburgh. We trundle around the UK for a bit then finish on the 23rd of March in Boston, after a trip to SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas.

What are you doing right this minute?

I’m skiving at work and listening to Mogwai’s new album – it’s very good.

What was the last thing you ate?

It was a muffin I bought with a coffee earlier. The nice lady asked if I wanted it and I couldn’t resist.

What is your least favourite thing about touring?

Not much really. I guess lack of sleep is kind of annoying but overall it’s a joy.

And what is your favourite thing about touring?

Just being in new places, finding venues you’ve always heard of but never had a chance to go to. Playing to new people is fun too.
(Like next month’s SXSW in Austin, Texas and Mercury Lounge in New York!! Aye, jammy git.)

What band/musician are you in love with right now?

I’m pretty much addicted to The Blue Nile at the moment.

Have you ever seen a squirrel drink soya?

Not many times, but I saw a red squirrel in a park in Dundee once. He was pretty quick.

What would be your ideal line up?

Probably Frank Zappa circa 1974 supported by Radiohead playing The Bends and Igor Stravinsky tap-dancing.

Do you miss me?
You knows it!

Admiral Fallow’s album Boots Met My Face is in the process of getting a UK-wide re-release following its acclaim last year.

Thanks to Luke Joyce for the use of the pic.