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A Place to Bury Strangers

A Place to Bury Strangers were LOUD as expected, massive feedback covered pretty much all the vocals.

Showcasing latest EP ‘Onwards To The Wall’, but playing a few from their self-titled debut album, an exact setlist is tricky to compile – matching up tonight’s songs with their recorded versions seems pointless as they are so much better live than on record…

Tut’s wasn’t that full and the audience was quite static, especially compared to mainman Oliver Ackerman going nuts on stage but this didn’t put off the band from delivering a hyper-energetic performance.

The main part of the set was ended with Oliver playing his guitar with a strobing light, then then the electricity went off on stage for a bit. They came back and played
the last song without any lights. All in all, this was one great gig!

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