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A New International

Ghost Light (POUM)

By • Jun 4th, 2021 • Category: Single review

From a projected album of ANI material, ‘Lost and Later Songs’ this is apparently a “reject” from the band’s first album (‘Come To The Fabulon’). The reason it might have been rejected was that this synth-driven number didn’t quite fit in, the track being the result of lead singer Biff Smith’s purchase of said instrument on a whim around 10 years ago.

The memories that the sounds this thing made evoked some deep feelings and he has worked the unfinished song up into a quite fabulous recollection of the early 80s, complete with early gaming footage in the video.

The band do a great homage to that early 80s sound as well – but the theme of the track is actually quite current, the “ghost lights” of closed or abandoned theatres and other live venues, which have all been heavy on many people’s minds in this desperate time for live events.

The track is memorable and may possibly channel an Associates (Biff’s voice is more reserved than Mackenzie’s but there’s something there) via emerging Simple Minds (circa ’82) and BM for one is very primed for the next ANI album – always interesting, always with heart on sleeve.

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