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A Love Supreme / Jonjo Feather ‘We Are Dead Young

A good old fashioned release this, no MP3 iTunes set up for Dead Young Records. Oh no, they’ve gone for the ‘none more indie’ route of the split 7” on white vinyl. The first track up is ‘Boys From the Blackstuff’ by A Love Supreme….and it’s a horrible retro racket. A singer spewing vitriol and name dropping Thatcher (how current) as if he has a mouth full of gravel and phlegm over a pointless pub rock chug does not make a record worth owning in my opinion. The other side, featuring Jonjo Feather is only slightly better because the vocals are less harsh on the ear. The song itself, ‘I Suppose’, is more of the 1976 vintage pubchug so loved by the label. Maybe buy it for your punk uncle….who’ll then scold you for getting him something so retro. Those of us not trapped in the latter third of the 20th Century can listen to both tracks for free at HYPERLINK “”, thereby avoiding the need to spend any money. 2/5 (ACB)

By Alex Botten

Musician and Critic.

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