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Monica Queen

Playing the part : ten questions

Hear the name Monica Queen and you may think of her work firstly with Thrum, or more recently Tenement and Temple (more…)


    Chris Connelly»

    Music and poetry often go hand-in-hand, but it’s safe to say that a Booker prize-nominated Orcadian and a member of a US-based industrial rock supergroup are unlikely to feature together on many album credits.

    Paul Research»

    For many music fans of a certain vintage, the guitar work on the seminal Scars album ‘Author Author’ is as an iconic part of post-punk


    Glasvegas have returned with a new record, SEVEN years on from ‘Later, When The TV Turns To Static’. We spoke to the band’s frontman James Allan on their way back from the musical wilderness.


Scientific Support Dept.

The exclusive video premiere for their new single ‘Stuttered’ – read on for the full story behind the single and its animated short…

Gig review

Starry Skies»
Live from Ride Brewery
Broken Chanter»
Stuck in the House livestream @ Renfrewshire Leisure
livestream @ Glasgow Glad Cafe
The Girl Who Cried Wolf / Jackal Trades / Dopesickfly / Rebecca Wallace / Loki / Steg G»
Immersive TV/23 Promotions Fundraiser (for Sunny Govan Radio/Refuweegee) @ Glasgow Room 2
Stanley Odd»
The Last Night In (Live From Leith Theatre)
SAMAs Paisley Takeover

Album review

Snapped Ankles»
Forest of Your Problems
Remixes by PIXELLAY
Sister John»
I Am By Day
Ace City Racers»
Jackal Trades»
At This Point

Single review

Pain Sells
Minna Ora»
Good Girls
Jennifer Porter»
Sun Come And Shine
The Wife Guys of Reddit»
Wet and Tired EP
Amanda Marie Wilkinson»
Taking My Time