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2021’s up-and-coming Scottish artists

five names to watch out for : by Mackenzie Burns

The Chinese year of the rat apparently represents surplus and 2020 saw many of us get more than we bargained for. (more…)


    Albums of the Year 2020»

    Just in under the wire, here’s our writers favourite albums of 2020.

    Flux Velociraptor»

    Here at itm? we’re proud to premiere the latest video from Flux Velociraptor.

    10 of the best»

    2020 saw the Scottish Alternative Music Awards celebrate their tenth year, albeit under more socially distant circumstances.


Flux Velociraptor

The exclusive video premiere for their new single ‘3000 Fists’ – read on for the full story behind the single and its animated short…

Album review

The Prats»
Prats Way Up High
The Rotations»
As A Matter of Fact
The Twistettes»
Live at Capture Works
Starry Skies»
Do It With Love
Lady Di / Mega Emotion»
Move Motherf*cker / I Know You Know I'm Perfect
Robin Adams»
One Day

Single review

Midnight Walk
Oh Captain»
Come On Down
Minna Ora»
Julia Thomsen»
New Beginnings
Volcano Sunset
Jackal Trades»