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Don't Be An Asshole, Dustin (Press Hat & Cigar)

By • Jul 13th, 2006 • Category: demonstration

This latest collection of songs from former My Legendary Girlfriend frontman is available to download from his website. C’mon, you got no reason not to check it out.

And, what’s on offer is a collection of brilliantly crafted and deliciously cynical songs. Anyone that’s been in a band that doesn’t recognise Somewhere Near Preston, needs to rethink the bands they’re in. Librarians on the strange allure of defining yourself as a geek, cos it’s cool. Mouseclick Mountain will be mandatory as a ringtone come the revolution ‘ it gets into your head that much. Neither Of Us Like Bowling just makes me want to re-evaluate everything.

OK, in places the wilful misanthropy backfires. But, also if gems such as I’m Gary don’t make you wanna dance like a loon, you don’t know how to.

I’m sure it’s not the intended effect, but this pisses from a great height on the recent ‘return to form’ from the Pet Shop Boys. (TK) ????


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