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Plate Six

(One Little Indian)
By • Feb 1st, 2006 • Category: Album review

Okay. Let�s have a swatch at our itinerary:

Layers of duelling feedback signals? — Check

Dour lyrics yelled in a monotonous fashion? — Check

Repetitive songs with little in the way of dynamism? — Check

Pretentious album name alluding to reactionary, insurrectionist viewpoint when in fact any meaning is obscured by repetitive, headache inducing monotony? — Check

While I�m not deliberately setting out to be nasty � in this instance � this album is really just very boring. The dull, repetitive arrangements coupled with strained vocals that border on moaning make this album very difficult to listen to completely in one sitting. Battle Hymns� only serves to make Plate Six come off like a watered down Screamo band with nothing particularly interesting to say.

Tom Rolland

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