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Is This How It Ends / Hey Bang Bang (Loog)

By • Mar 1st, 2006 • Category: Single review

Do Australia�s customs people have a strict style control over the bands the country exports? In recent years few bands have emerged from down under flaunting anything other than this brand of incredibly dull �new car smell� rock. (The exceptions being maybe The Sleepy Jackson, The Grates and The Vines; but The Grates� singer terrifies me and Craig Nicholls and co. have long since lost their initial vitality.) These are passable tunes, but about as far removed from the car-crash spirit of rock and roll as the genre can get. �Hey Bang Bang� shoots for the same universal emotive mark as �Run�. And it�s a fair effort, but does nothing to stir the soul of this reviewer.

Steve Turkingon

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