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Pray for Hayden

Death of Me ()

By • Mar 1st, 2006 • Category: Single review

I can�t work out if they�re trying to sound like Hell is For Heroes (when they�re shouting) or Lostprophets (when they�re not). It could go one way or the other, perhaps it could be promising. It�s the whiny voice that does it, every time. Whilst it�s not exactly breaking the boundaries of all that is shiny and new, it does a Ronseal job. Nobody can say they don�t work hard, though. Off to South by Southwest festival, they plan to make a name for themselves. With this much enthusiasm and perhaps a little fine tuning they could perhaps do just that. I can�t get a Biffy Clyro drum solo out of my head, though� still they could aspire to worse.

Jennifer S

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