Single review

Mr Hudson and The Library

Mr Hudson and the Library are a self-described ‘cross-pollination of hip hop, reggae beats and classic song writing’. That sounds like an interesting blend from the start.
It is clear from the first listen that Mr Hudson sees himself as part of the new breed of British artists who wax lyrical about today’s ‘yoof culture’. Now this we know works for some, Lily Allen has done quite well signing about going for a walk through London and watching old women get mugged. Arctic Monkey’s have won a Mercury Prize for documenting trips to the local indie club and hiding in bushes from policemen. Mr Hudson recounts similar tales over his horn-tinged, summer reggae beats with subtle hints of electronica, (Now I need a line/This time the chat-up kind). Unfortunately he comes across more Robbie Williams goes ska than Mike Skinner. One of two things have gone wrong for Mr Hudson; he doesn’t have the charm or gimmick appeal many off his peers do, or he’s missed the boat with the crossover step taken by the likes of Miss Allen or Jamie T. All too ironically, Mr Hudson may be ‘Too Late’.

Laura Jane Donnachie