Single review

Steve Thorne

With Lord of The Rings back in vogue, it’s probably no surprise that other 1970’s-esque guilty pleasures attempt to sneak in the back door. Steve Thorne’s debut album is hoping that Prog-Rock is next in line for a resurgence as his record reeks of early Genesis and of the pomposity that blighted that era. ‘God Bless America’ may lack Morrissey’s wit and sneer of shooting down the superpower but the wistful backing track does meander along without causing offence. Which pretty much sums up this record, there’s nothing to get angry about, but equally, there is nothing to love. On some of the more acoustic moments there is the feel of the David Brent songs from The Office such is the over-exaggerated sense of importance and warbling vocal style. There may be the odd swear word spat to shock the listener but all in all, it’s a mild affair.