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Dan Sartain

Join Dan Sartain (One Little Indian)

By • Dec 2nd, 2006 • Category: Album review

Oooh! Dan thinks he’s dangerous.` Just look at him pointing a gun at his head on the cover. And listen to all those songs about tattoos, skulls, murder and casual misogyny. Grrr.` See how he’s keeping it real.` Sticking with the old true ways of rock ‘n’ roll, production-wise. Look!` He’s friends with some folk who are cooler than him and can get them on his records!!!
Or, alternatively, you can actually listen to the record and recognise it as a collection of half-baked ideas stretched to song length and badly camouflaged by some vague idea of ‘authenticity’.` All topped with two vocal settings: shouting (passionate) and mumbling (same thing, only the other way), neither of which really cuts it.
The most annoying thing is there’s something in there that makes you want it to be all those things it ain’t.

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