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Tabasco Fiasco

One EP (none)

By • Dec 31st, 2009 • Category: short players

When a band declares their ambition is to get to Chicago and record with grunge producer/engineeer Steve Albini – well, apart from anything else, you have some idea of how they’re going to sound.
Or do you?
Lead track ‘Internet Access’, perhaps, sounds like it’s from a time long before the World Wide Web – all robotic vocals and some decidedly proggy guitar licks. Is Albini from the ‘kill all hippies’ school, we wonder?
However, on ‘Conspiranoia’ we see the band as, perhaps, how they like want to be remembered. A headrush of a song, it’s a flurry of math-rock riffs, me(n)tal drumming and the distinct feeling that these Livingston boys have been boning up for the journey to the mid-west of the USA – Trail of Dead, Lightning Bolt and Queens of the Stone Age (as well as Shellac) are some of the multiple influences present. More that that however, they’re developing their own sound from this and chucking in some very listenable tunes to boot.
Let’s hope that Mr Albini doesn’t go and spoil it all, eh?

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