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Pseudo Nippon

Colorama (Tigertrap)

By • Nov 26th, 2012 • Category: long players

Imagine if The Jesus & Marcy Chain had made the pop album they were always threatening to, away from all the feedback, violence and hype, getting closer to the melodies and full-on pop sensibility.
This is an album where you can clearly hear the tension between band members and it pays off beautifully, forcing each different component up against each other with such friction that it all fuses into a fiery whole. Performance art is key to their whole outlook and, while this may send some of their basic rock fanbase running to the hills, it will keep those of us who have an open ear (and mind) tuning in with interest.
Their voice may still be in development but their look – and early ’80s mix of The Associates, U2 and Lloyd Cole in his post-university days – has come fully formed and will appeal, like the sound, to those of us tired of homogenised rubbish.
Colorama - Pseudo Nippon

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