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long players


Black Light (One Little Indian)

They call it the land of fire and ice and Bjork.

Andrew Howie

Scars Are Like A Beacon (Autoclave)

They say that the years mellows us


Everything At Once (Red Telephone Box)

Travis produce solid sets where you know what you’re going to get.

Helen Love

Smash Hits (Alcopop)

A twee, indiepop legend, Welsh singer Helen Love has garnered cult status for her ineffably perky, bubblegum pop.

Errant Boy

A Wayward Mirror (Errant Media)

Remember Postcard Records? This Edinburgh quartet certainly do.

Alun Woodward

Music From Battle Mountain (Chemikal Underground)

A really good soundtrack album can give you a idea how a film might look – painting pictures in the listener’s head. So the story of Graeme Obree – the world record-breaking cyclist – is an ideal subject for this collection. Obree’s record attempts in Nevada on his space-age bike are brought to life, by […]

Book Group

The Great Indoors (Sportsfan)

Sometimes you get what’s called a ‘great singles band’.

RM Hubbert

Telling The Trees (Chemikal Underground)

One of the most respected solo musicians in Scotland, Hubby, as he’s known, is something of a serial collaborator.


Balance the Light (Rock Indiana)

Here’s a band who have no concerns about peaking too early.

The Monochrome Set

Volume, Contrast, Brilliance Vol 2 (Tapete)

BM is old enough to have bought early compilation Volume Contrast Brilliance Volume 1 when it came out in 1983